Aural Pleasure….what the chica currently listens to

One of my favourite things to do is hang out at the beach and catch some morning rays after a long swim, then chill to the music in my ipod. Current ipod count is 2, I crashed the ipod classic which my dad got for me a while back. Now I’m using a black ipod video which I bought a few months back and still have not uploaded any videos or pictures into it. Took a long while to upload all my 1,000+ cds into my notebook, yes I had to redo all of that because I crashed my old notebook too. I’m a klutz what can I say 🙂 Anyways one of the new cds I got that I love, love, love is Jason Mraz’s newest cd, “We sing, We dance, We steal things”. “I’m your’s” and “Butterfly” are the two most played songs on my ipod followed by “Lucky” although the lyrics to “Lucky” makes me sad though. Excellent lyrics, intoxicating voice and good melodies, definitely worth the long walk I had to take to find it at HMV when I discovered Gramaphone had sold out. Definitely a must buy for all who love listening to great lyrics.

Jason Mraz and his intoxicating voice
Butterfly @ North Sea Jazz – Jason Mraz


3 thoughts on “Aural Pleasure….what the chica currently listens to

  1. kharazy says:

    I shared two songs with a friend by Jason Mraz. “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up.” We never did live up to the lyrics. Haha. I second you on “Lucky.” That song also makes me sad.

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