A brand new year

2015 was an extremely challenging year. What doesn’t kill us will just make us stronger I guess. Today’s the very first day of 2016, a new chapter begins again. I hope that I’ve become stronger and more resilient. And I have learnt that there’s no point on holding on to emotions, people or things that are toxic for me. It was a difficult and painful year living a ‘hermetic’ life. It came to a point where I was just numb to everything.

I begin today on a clean slate. I want to lead a life that is not like a recluse. I need to care more about my health. And maintain a balanced diet. I don’t have this foolish notion that  I will lose all these excess weight and achieve the figure I had a decade ago within this year. Instead I just want to go and exercise more so that just maybe I won’t drop dead so soon. I need to embrace solitude, for in it I believe I will learn to appreciate myself more. I have learned that true friends though just a few will stick  with you even if you’re in the darkest depths of despair. And these friends, I know that I will cherish. 2016 I hope this year I will be better, brighter and  more joyful.


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