Napowrimo 2014 Post #29 An islet on a raging river

Whoah it’s the 29th post already! The prompt was called the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” and was developed by Jim Simmerman. The list of projects are to be used in one poem can be found here.

An islet on a raging river

I am an islet on a raging river
10°N of the equator and it’s arctic cold
I see the goosebumps on my arms
As I stand alone and shiver
Fingers so stiff, nothing I can hold
Taste of bitter bile in my mouth
Tried to wash it away with water
Yet nothing seems to alter
The rapid currents so loud
Are the only sounds that I hear
Whilst the scent of fast moving freshwater
Stimulates my senses with a blue-coloured hue
Alone unlike Psyche on the River Estige
Who had an eagle for company
Hark, I hear the distant cry of a raven
Perhaps I am not that alone
Should the raven find a nearby tree
Across the raging river
To build itself a new home
Maybe I could call it HAN
RUA too?
If you fly over here
Maybe we could be friends
Perhaps this loneliness will end
It oht fi rain
The never-ending rain of despondence
Ascendancy of despair
Oh I must snap out of this self-pain
Break out of this cocoon of gloom
And dance in the pouring rain
Fairy-duh twirls and jumps in the air
May she one day live without a care
Of what other say or think
Oh solitary soul
Get out of this invisible prison!
Find your raison d’être!
“Go forth and live live unfettered!” cries the raven
Jump into the raging currents
And swim across the river.

it oht fi rain is Patois for it looks like rain
•HAN is internet slang for “alone” (Han Solo)
•RUA is internet slang for Are you alone?
•raison d’être is French for reason for being/living


10 thoughts on “Napowrimo 2014 Post #29 An islet on a raging river

  1. Gallivanta says:

    🙂 Thanks for the update on internet slang.

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