Napowrimo 2014 Post #26 Refuge

My solitary refuge from the crowds
Sea winds caress my face
Accompanying  me as I sit in a daze
Grey skies with darkened clouds
Lightning strike and thunders so loud
On the breakwater I sit unfazed

Rain pouring down so fast
Enduring this emptiness inside
Raging rains will eventually stop
This aching loneliness will not last
                    I shouldn’t hide.


8 thoughts on “Napowrimo 2014 Post #26 Refuge

  1. Very vivid write. Each line a colorful image. Great write! Thank you! ♫

  2. Nice. Press on with your writing!

    Blessings to you and yours, Andy

  3. beckarooney says:

    Your feelings come across really strongly in this write, each line captures a new image. I felt like I was there! Great poem 🙂 x

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