Napowrimo 2014 Post #17 My typical day at the gym

The challenge for this post was to describe specifically something in terms of at least three of the five senses. I think I covered sight, smell, taste?

My typical day at the gym

My gym is right at the heart
Of the central business district
Where sharply dressed executives
Surround me left and right

Different colognes and perfumes
Spicy musky notes
Sickly sweet floral layers
Citrusy undertones
Clouds of noxious fumes
Attack my olfactory senses

Once they change into
Their comfy gym attire
Of shorts and well worned tees
Or figure hugging lycra outfits
Scents around me slowly change

From the spinning studio
Dozens spinning with manic speed
Enduring the burn of their calves
Embracing the pain
For without it there’s no gain

Under the stationary bikes
Pools of glistening sweat
Drenched their clothes wet
Clinging like second skin
Against bodies taut and trim

When the glass studio door opens
Pungent malodorous body odour
Slowly permeates the gym floor
Antiseptic smell of the gym
Slowly dissipating

On the threadmills
Is where you’ll find me first
Morbidly obese vertically challenged
Long baggy shorts display
Thick white thunder thighs
Whilst a loose and old Uni tee
Hides my rotund keg-like belly

Running like a chubby gerbil
My tiny feet keep pounding
The machine keeps elevating
Abused knees, battered
Feels like collapsing

For twenty minutes I keep on going
My heart rates continue racing
Heart feels like someones squeezing
Salty sweat beads form on my upper lip
Perspiration trickles down my face
Stinging my eyes

Oh one of the rowing machines
Is finally free!
Next up in my routine
Five sets of twenty reps of fifty kg
Feeling the strain with every rep
Rarely used muscles straining
Slowly  stretching
Gradually strengthening

Then next on the list
Are bicep curls
Five sets of twenty reps of 50 kg
With each rep I force myself to do
My exhaustion continually grew

I start hallucinating
Of dancing custard filled donuts
And mountains of macarons too
The tantalising sweetness of the glaze
The chewy texture of the cookie
As it slowltly melts on the tongue
An imaginary bite will do no harm

I face the mirrored wall
That hides no flaws at all
Lunging right,I scream a silent cry
Lunging left,I feel like I can die
Struggling desperately to touch my toes
Tips of my sausage-like fingers Inching closer, yet not quite
My bloated tummy hinders this fight

Stretching my arms up high
Sweat stained pits for all to see
Emanate acrid sour fumes
Too toxic even for me
Time to shower
And wash away the grime
And do this all over again
Till next time.


2 thoughts on “Napowrimo 2014 Post #17 My typical day at the gym

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Phew…I’m exhausted!

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