NaPoWriMo 2014 Post #16 10 Lies

Argh this was frustrating to write, a poem where each line is a lie. Couldn’t figure out what topic to lie about so I ended up listening to Big Bang’s “Lies” and IU’s cover of that song over and over again. Here’s my take on 10 lies about myself, please take everything I wrote with a huge sack of sea salt 😀

10 Lies

I stand tall at 6’4″
With lustrous jet black hair that falls to the floor
At night, I’d brush my hair a 100 times and not a stroke more
My face has no wrinkles at aged 34.
I don’t laugh out loud else laugh lines will form.
To keep my skin firm, I slather the mucus that snails secretes.
And I do headstands for blood to rush more, instant face-lifts!
Daily, I bathe in goats milk, to keep my skin soft.
And drink herbal concoctions to maintain my youth forever more.
Perhaps that’s why people say I’m quite the vain pot to the core.


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2014 Post #16 10 Lies

  1. s.kharazy says:

    i heart IU! and great poem

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