Napowrimo 2014 Post # 14 Twenty Questions

On Napowrimo today, the prompt was to write a poem with 20 questions and ending with one sentence in the end.

Twenty Questions

Why do I fall into the pits of despair when April showers come?
Why does the sight of falling yellowed leaves ache my soul?
Should I keep thinking of the things that went wrong?
Or simply forget my painful past?
Why did I play with fire and get myself burned?
What should I do when I remember the scars?
Should I consider it as a lesson learned?
Or a mistake that’s best forgotten?
Was I not pretty or thin enough?
Should I just keep popping pills to numb the pain?
Maybe stand outside and cry in the rain?
Perhaps pretend the teardrops were raindrops, washing away the heartache?
How did I miss the signs, your sudden interest in the Arts?
Was it at the inter-college social where you met that underaged painted tart?
Were all that was said between you and I, untruths from the start?
Was I too bewitched by your charms?
Don’t balding, chemistry postgrads sound like they won’t do any harm?
Perhaps its just that the eyes were blind to what the heart already knows?
Or maybe this infliction called love with time just slowly dissipates?
How easily does your love suddenly change to hate?
Oh screw it all! I must love myself more!


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