Café Hopping

My buddy Steph meets me once in a blue moon when she feels her “burden to bear” which she calls her thesis writing, has been productive. When that happens, we’d go cafè hopping. 

First stop was Keong Saik Snacks.
This post is seriously overdue that this place had changed it’s name to The Study. Anyways’ s this was Michelin Star famed Jason Atherton’s diner in Chinatown.


We had the Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo and Iceberg lettuce ($18). Okay lobster roll, one would expect a roll right? Instead it was a buttered foccacia with huge chunky lobsters drenched in a rich sauce. Delicious! I’ve been trying to recreate that luscious taste to no avail.


The perfect accompaniment to that creamy sandwich was the Chilli Garlic Fries ($6. Yikes these string cut fries were so crispy and addictive, I wish it came in a larger portion.


Lunch done, we grabbed a cab and headed to Chye Seng Huat Hardware. Located at 150 Tyrwhitt Road, unless I knew how to take a bus here, I’ll just cab here again next time.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware was crowded when we came. It was almost 5pm and rain started to pour like cats and dogs. We found two stools against the wall, super uncomfortable seats but I’m glad the coffee was fantastic. The pecan tart thingy was delicious. The banana cake was soft and not too sweet. And the foam art was pretty too!


Once the rain stopped, we walked towards Horne Road in search of Windowsill Pies. We managed to get lost somewhat, and ended up using Google map to finally find our destination. It was such a cute shop, with a glass display of glorious pies. Picnic tables and a wooden tree display made the cafe feel like a wonderland somewhat.


We had tea and a slice of grasshopper pie and strawberry lemon tart. The grasshopper pie was a slice of pepperminty goodness! Whilst the strawberry lemon tart was errr tarty 😛 a nice combination that was tangy and a tinge of sweet.




Lovely way to end the day with sips of fragrant tea and great company.



4 thoughts on “Café Hopping

  1. lumar1298 says:

    All looked yummy…

  2. French fries are my weakness…those look delicious!

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