Napowrimo Post #5 Do you remember?

Well today’s Napowrimo prompt was seriously a tough challenge, I’ve been staring at it straight from 6pm till late, it’s 1230am right now. The challenge was to write a poem in the form of “a golden shovel” that was created by Terrance Hayes in his poem “The Golden Shovel”. Each last word of every line came from Gwendolyn Brook’s poem “We real cool”.  Here’s my take on this tricky form.

Do you remember?

Do you remember when we
Used to Dance in the rain real
Close? Your cool
Hands in mine as we
Swayed slowly, right and left
Like a silent movie scene set in school.
Do you remember how we
We would lurk
In the den till late?
Or how many samurai movies we
Watched till the clock Strike-
S twelve, for a week straight?
Do you remember how We
Used to Sing?
We croaked so bad, what a sin.
Do you remember that we
Swore, forever through thick and thin?
Living on pizzas and bottles of gin.
Do you remember that tiny club we
Went to That played only Jazz?
Sadly, It caught on fire last June.
I remember all the memories we
Made. Why did you die
So young? Gone too fast, too soon.

©Faridah Masniari 2014


7 thoughts on “Napowrimo Post #5 Do you remember?

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Very tricky but you did it!

  2. beckarooney says:

    Wow what a difficult prompt! I applaud you for attempting it and writing a great poem 🙂 impressive! x

  3. Karin Wiberg says:

    It was an intriguing prompt, wasn’t it? Tough, but you did it! Yay you!

    • salsachica says:

      It was! I’m guessing it’ll get more and more challenging as the days go by. That’s the fun in doing these things haha to squeeze the brain juices as much as possible 🙂 thanks Karin!

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