NaPoWriMo 2014 Post #1 Distance

It’s the start of Napowrimo 2014! During the whole month of April, I’m going to attempt to write a poem each day like I did last year.  Today’s prompt is from , whereby we should head on down to the Bibliomancy Oracle, get a quote and write a poem based on the quotation. The quote the divine oracle err divined was from “Sun Bear” by Adam Straus:

The very distance between is the connection


Point A stands I
Point B stands you
A straight line
Drawn across a map
Connects us two         

Distance between us         
Separated by continents
Seems rather far         
For me to physically reach  
To where you are             
Despite the distance
Of oceans and continents apart
We keep in contact each day
Sharing stories and emotions
Of day to day experiences

It feels as though
You aren’t that far away
Smartphones, tablets, desktops
Technology shortens the distance
Connects us to each other
Every single day

©Faridah Masniari 2014


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo 2014 Post #1 Distance

  1. Ridz says:

    A poem describing long distance relationships 🙂

  2. lumar1298 says:

    Lovely and so true… Not so far away any more…

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