Death of friendships

Today’s post has nothing to do with what I usually ramble on about here. It’s something that I’ve been contemplating for a really long while. Friendships fostered over brownies and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at 2am in the morning. Friendships built through backpacking all over Asia, or traipsing all over Singapore suddenly is not there anymore.  Friendships fostered over a decade, suddenly poof, gone in the blink of an eye.

I wonder if these were even real friendships to begin with? It’s not that I don’t try to maintain contact. I do but its obvious I’m being pushed away. “I’ll call you later” or “i’ll message you later” but later never comes. I understand y’all have significant others now and spending time with someone like me is probably a complete waste of precious time.

I guess one day, years down the road when we meet each other again would y’all say “hi” then just walk away?


27 thoughts on “Death of friendships

  1. Elisa TWS says:

    Sometimes I wonder if my friends are my real friends that will always be by my side. Some of them did, but most of them just leave.

    • salsachica says:

      They just leave don’t they? Just like a passing shower suddenly they’re not there any more. Temporary fair weather friends. Kinda sad to think of it this way 😦

  2. Elisa TWS says:

    Sigh, it hurts a lot in the first place, but I let it go anyway. I hope you can recover soon. 🙂

  3. Gallivanta says:

    Friendships evolve and devolve and revolve and sometimes they revive. Care for yourself and all will be well.

  4. Gallivanta says:

    Care for yourself as in take good care of yourself. 🙂

  5. LorB says:

    It happens to me all the time. You find someone with a nice connection and once they leave your side, it’s over. It use to upset me, but now I just let it be and try not to understand it. I enjoy those moments and if something develops fine, but if not, it’s also ok…

  6. There’s a reason why people come into our lives, once that reason goes so will the friend. Some people belong in your present only, others will stick around for the long haul.

  7. j4n says:

    Dear Salsachica…
    I do prefer poetry, and think you should write some, regardless a challenge…

    • salsachica says:

      Dear j4n

      I have been writing, offline, in a notebook, coz I felt they were just too depressing to share online.

  8. Mie Ululani says:

    Awww you are such a sweet soul how could anyone push you away?! I like this lyric “They say people in your life are seasons,
    And anything that happens is for a reason.” Maybe you’re in summer now and they’re in winter. Not that any one season is better than another, just vastly different. And you don’t want people in your life who are hot and cold especially to you! Hope that made sense. Take care my dear.

  9. Rabab Maher (^_^) رباب ماهر says:

    Concisely, a friend is one who treats others with the same respect and manner s/he like to be treated. One-sided friendships are not friendships. Friendships in their purest form seem like a rarity nowadays. They generally constitute false compliments, empty words and gestures, broken promises and exploitations – to then be discarded when they’re no longer useful.

    ‘Friendships are a little like backyard gardens. We plan to tend to them. We just always seem to put it off till next week.’ – Jerry Espenson from ‘Boston Legal’

  10. People come into our lives for a reason…some are meant to stay, others will leave, but they all teach us something about ourselves. In the end, true friendships will be counted on one hand. Trust me on this one Chica.

  11. I’d say hi, then walk away.

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