Thursday’s Bento

Today’s gym session was utterly exhausting. The heat outside was so hot. People were still hanging out on the swings at Raffles Place that’s part of a Greening Singapore Installation.



Since it was pretty hot and mommy hasn’t opened the shop, I hung out at Starbucks with a venti iced shaken hibiscus lemon tea and to read “A tale for the time being” by Ruth Ozeki. Pretty interesting book that flips between Ruth in Canada and a girl in Japan named Nao who writes a diary that Ruth finds.


When I went to work, I was pretty happy when I found out that mommy was inspired to make Korean cold buckwheat noodle soup, or Mul Naeng Myeon. She made a clear beef broth and cooked the buckwheat noodles separately. She didn’t add any other garnishings but sliced beef. It was refreshing and cooling for such a hot day like today. There’s a recipe on Aeri’s Kitchen for cold buckwheat guksu if you want to try to make this recipe.



4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Bento

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Buckwheat noodles = good.

  2. Mie Ululani says:

    wow so many random things i have in common with you…i read Ruth Ozeki’s other book My Year of Meats. she’s a good writer! I have to check out that book you’re reading! and Mul Naeng Myeon is probably my favorite Korean dish (maybe not in winter though haha)…felt so happy to read about it! and good for you for getting your work out despite the heat. it’s getting to be crazy temperatures in NY too.

    • salsachica says:

      Oh to be in NY right now! Wanna swap places? 😛 oh I loved a tale for time being! Definitely a must read. Its my first Ozeki book will look for others coz I really like how she writes. I like anything korean haha I watch too much korean dramas with my mom :p

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