Penang Culture

I love Assam Laksa, and one can’t really find great Assam Laksa in Singapore easily. My grandma makes a kickass Assam Laksa full of mackerel fish and lots of tamarind but I didn’t really want to bother her about it. So we decided to go to Penang Culture at Century Square. It opened at 11am but we were early so we had to wait a while.

When we were finally seated, I immediately ordered the Assam Laksa and Chicken roll. They hace a really wide menu so one can easily pick and choose what one likes from their vast menu. Their Assam Laksa was pretty good, and worth the wait. There was a lot of fish, I’m guessing it was sardines? It wasn’t too sour it had a good balance of sour and sweet. The noodles though were something different. Its not like the typical laksa noodles that kinda has an al dente bite. Their rice noodle used was thicker and softer.

Their chicken roll is served with two dipping sauces. Chicken roll was really yummy, had a crispy beancurd skin outer layer. And the sauce hmm not quite sure what it was. Plum? Hoisin? And the other sauce was kinda like a light Thai sweet chilli.

My brother had the Prawn Noodles, really robust deep prawn taste which he finished all by himself.

We also had Bubur Pulut Hitam with ice cream, a black glutinous rice sweet porridge for dessert and a cup of sweet tea with milk to wash it all down. It gets pretty busy around lunchtime and when we were there one night, they ran out of Assam Laksa. So you can probably imagine how delicious this was! Definitely a must go to place for those cravings for the foods of Penang.

Assam Laksa

Chicken Roll

Prawn Noodles

Bubur pulut hitam with ice cream


Penang Culture is located at:
Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5
Singapore 529509
Tel: 6789 8180


3 thoughts on “Penang Culture

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Mmmm; you have put me in the mood for a sweet milky tea.

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