To picnic or not to picnic? That is the question!

We had all the best plans laid out, coffee, muffins and “parfait” for a lazy Sunday picnic at the beach. But mother nature had other plans in store for us, torrential rain all over the island, all morning. At first Cher mass messages us from Holland Village, “oh it has stopped raining in my area”. Then Joycey messages from Hougang, “it’s raining heavily in my area now, but let’s still meet!” A few minutes later I messaged them, “yo it’s crazy rain out here, it’s so heavy I can’t see clearly what’s outside my window and there’s no way I can walk out to the train station with all this non stop rain, lightning and thunder”. The ever super positive Joycey says “it’s fine, I’ll pick you up and we can find some place to picnic” !!! so it’s raining, and flooding all over the island and still we were going to picnic.

Joycey suggested for us to park near Paya Lebar Airbase and picnic in the car or go to her place and picnic in her room. We ended up at her place, spread the blue tarp on the parquet floor, took out the flasks of hot sweet coffee, and the muffins that my mom had made. Cher’s “parfait”, was left in the fridge to chill. The “parfait” was overnight soaked steel cut oats, yoghurt, with a layer of mango and passionfruit puree, sliced bananas and bran. We ate, we laughed, we drank and we ate some more. Mom had made cheese muffins with cheddar, Parmesan and mozzarella and Chocolate muffins filled with cinnamon chips, butterscotch chips and chocolate chips. I think the perfect accompaniment to those cheese muffins would have been a big bowl of spicy tomato soup.

I stayed at Joycey’s till 2pm, and then caught a cab to work. Cher packed my “parfait” to go, by then everything had mixed together in my bag pack hmmm I worked, dug into the jar of “parfait” and watched “The Grandmaster” a totally different feel compared to yesterday’s movies. Beautiful cinematography, artful direction and a feeling as though you’re watching “In the mood for love” with fancy kung fu kicks. It was a pretty interesting presentation of Ip Man’s life by Wong Kar Wai. Gosh and Tony Leung, even if he doesn’t have that cool as a cucumber look that Donnie Yen had in the two movies, he had that je ne sais quoi about him.

The Grandmaster

Today was a day of firsts, the first time Cher and Joycey came to my place and it’s also the first time I visited Joycey’s place, after being friends with them for a decade! Next picnic, its going to be sandwiches, soup and cold drinks. A make-your-own-sandwich kinda picnic. I wonder if the weather will be brighter and better then?



2 thoughts on “To picnic or not to picnic? That is the question!

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Well, at least that picnic was more fun than being out in the rain.

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