NaPoWriMo Post #28 Colors of my home

Day 28! So fast the month of April has passed, in two days NaPoWriMo will be over. Today’s prompt gets you to pick a color, take a walk, look around your room, see what’s there in your chosen color. Using the color as guidance compose a poem.

Colors of my home

I live in a home that’s surrounded by greenery
A miniature rainforest around me
Mango trees as high as the house
Stand at four corners of the grounds
Like sentinels standing guard
Heavy with unripened fruits

To the right side of the house
A solitary avocado tree stands tall
Lush emerald leaves adorn it
Alas no fruits in sight
Beside it stands the lemon tree
Dark green leaves
One wonders if it’ll bear any fruit this year

To the left of the house
Stands the majestic jackfruit trees
Budding kelly green fruits on the branches
I look forward to taste in my mother’s dishes

Bananas and papaya trees stand proud and tall
Guarding the backyard
I look forward to the bounty that’s bound to fall
Mother will make sweet treats out of them all
The verdant wide leaves of the bananas
Used in multitude of ways
Wrap rice, to use in a steamer, to roast meats

The front of the garden
Filled with fruit trees galore
Starfruit, coconuts, rambutans, durians, longans and rose apples
Fruits way high up on the trees
Are left for the birds to feast upon
These fruit trees camouflage the house from prying eyes
Cataliyas hanging from the branches of all the trees
Add bursts of colors when they

Amongst the shades of chartreuse
Bougainvilleas cover the walls
Lime green leaves and pink papery flowers adorn
Looking at the ground you’ll find
Crawling spicy betel leaves cover the grounds
In shades of lime, olive and mint

Whilst in pots all over the garden
Roses, begonias and jasmines
Fill the air with a melange of fresh sweet scents
Each breath I breathe deeply in
I know this is the scent of my home

The sight of greenery
Feels me with joy
Whenever I’m far away
All shades of green
Are reminders of the colors of my home











© Faridah Masniari 2013


8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Post #28 Colors of my home

  1. lovely home. beautiful garden.
    it is rare these days for people to live in such a space. these days it’s apartments and condos.

  2. Gallivanta says:

    I enjoyed the word journey round your garden 🙂

  3. beautiful home and garden and of course the poem.

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