Bad day

Today is a bad day
You just had to call
Just to know how I’ve been
I’d rather you just ignore me
That there was nothing between us at all
And now I lay here in bed crying
Wishing what would have been
If I had stopped that church wedding
“Stop! You can’t marry this man. He’s mine!”
I’ll surely end up as an embarrassment
Alone and depressed in Melbourne I would be
You’re not the right person for me
I know that is true
But when you do things like these out of the blue
I just can’t help miss the rat bastard that’s you.

© Faridah Masniari 2013


6 thoughts on “Bad day

  1. kharazy says:

    awww, makes me think of this song:

    except it’s the male version of how you’re feeling. Maybe you should do a female cover version o_O

    • salsachica says:

      I prefer the original version in Korean by Tae Yang 🙂 difference is I laid out my heart to bear, the character in the song took too long to say how he felt. hahaha I think the world is not ready to hear my voice muahahaha

  2. powerful emotions powerfully expressed

  3. Don Sansbury says:

    Sounds like ‘rat bastard’ is getting a little personal gratification from your emotional pain. Good poem…

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