NaPoWriMo Post #18 If

Tis day 18 of NaPoWriMo and today’s prompt is to write a poem that starts and ends with the same word.


I had known better
I would have had some self control
Over my screwed up emotions
Instead of spiraling into a dark hole
Depression slowly setting in
Delusional escape by eating my way
Out of disappointment
Out of loneliness
Out of sadness
That each bite was a temporary bliss
Unlikely to fill up the emptiness inside
But if I had known better
I would have picked back up my red boxing gloves
Pretend that you and I are in a boxing ring
With every left hook, uppercut, jab I swing
I would imagine that it was you in front of me
In that black suit that you really love
Exerting all my energy in every punch I throw
KO down you go
It might eradicate my sad memories
It might cleanse my soul
It might rid myself of traces
Of feelings for you that remained

© Faridah Masniari 2013


6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Post #18 If

  1. kharazy says:

    simply wow!

  2. becky6259 says:

    That hits close to home for a lot of people and is very well expressed — most people have been through a time in their life like that!

  3. I second both comments – amazing!

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