NaPoWriMo Post #15 Pantun

We have come to the half-way mark of NaPoWriMo today. And today’s prompt is the traditional Malay form , Pantun . When I was a child, pantun were used as a reminder to cultivate certain norms, as a manner of teasing, or even to profess love or indiscretion.

Jalan-jalan ke kota Singa
Jangan lupa membeli Rojak **
Kalau kekasih telah berdusta
Tentulah jantung rasa seperti dikoyak

Traveling in the Lion City
Don’t forget to buy Rojak **
If the lover had lied
Of course the heart feels torn apart

Rojak india ada berbagai bahan
Berjaga-jaga memilih setiap kali
Satu pergi, sepuluh akan datang
Pilihlah satu yang akan lebih menyayangi

Indian Rojak has various ingredients
Be careful whenever you choose
One goes, ten will come
Pick one that will love you more

© Faridah Masniari 2013

**Rojak is a fruit or vegetable salad that is common in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The rojak I was specifically referring to is the Rojak India that is pretty popular in Singapore. So the interesting thing about this Rojak is that there’s all sorts of stuff mixed together; prawn fritters, egg fritters, cuttlefish, fried tofu, fishcakes, fried lungs and whatever fried stuff you can think of, I like , mine with fried chicken. A sweet and spicy dipping sauce makes everything taste delicious. Rojak is also a term that can be used to explain the multiple ethnicities that reside in Singapore, kinda like the Rojak it’s a mixture of everything.

Rojak, a mixture of fried tofu, prawn fritters, egg fritters, fishcake and cuttlefish

Rojak sauce made out of sweet potatoes, peanuts, sugar, chillies and sesame seeds


14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Post #15 Pantun

  1. Corbin says:

    I love your blog, And I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. you can check it out you nomination at
    And see what it is all about at.

  2. Nancy Barth says:

    Nicely done…not sure if I’d be adventurous enough to try Rojak.

  3. Nancy Barth says:

    Gorgeous color! Is the sauce pretty spicy? I’d give it a try minus anything seafood related, lol.

    • salsachica says:

      Not too spicy, just a nice balance of sweet and heat. You could always go for fried tempeh, tofu, and egg fritters to dip into the sauce 🙂

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