J’s at 7 Purvis Street


J’s at Purvis Street


Table setting


My brother enjoying his Cuban Mint

Last Monday, mom, my brother and I made reservations at J’s, located at Purvis Street. We were excited to try the Latin American food which they specialized there. We were greeted warmly by Joy, the owner of this fine establishment. Immediately she made us feel as though we were dining at family friend’s house.


Lamb tostadas


Beef fajitas

We started with Lamb tostadas, crispy corn tortillas filled with shredded slow cooked leg of lamb, shredded lettuce and salsa. The crunchiness of the tortilla along with the tender shreds of lamb, and piquant sauce made every bite a joy to eat. We also ordered the beef fajitas which was cooked on a hot plate full of onions and bell peppers. It was served with cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Grab a warm tortilla and make your own bundle of happiness.



Next to arrive was the Paella. It had alot of ingredients, tender chicken, barramundi, salmon and chicken sausage. Mom doesn’t eat salmon, but she was raving on and on how great this dish was.


My brother hypnotized by the sight of his sirloin beef


Sirloin Beef

My brother had the sirloin of beef, that was laid on a leek and cabbage fricassee, that was hiding the saffron rice puree. My brother was silently enjoying his sirloin. He had that look of bliss as he sliced into the meat. “It’s just perfect sis! I could cry!” so yeah he was pretty pleased with the dish and ate it all by himself and that says a lot.


Boca Negra


Churros with bananas and mangoes sabayon

As for dessert, we had the Boca Negra that was served like a masterpiece artwork. It had a edible soil, citrus foam, berries, chocolate ice cream and a delicious tuille. As for the flourless chocolate cake, it was so rich and divine. A perfect match with all the beautiful parts on the plate. We also ordered the Churros with bananas and mangos. What I loved about this dish was how delicious caramelized bananas, mangoes, coconut mascarpone sabayon go so well together. I could just die right there and then, I was so satisfied by the meal I just had.

If you want a beautifully cooked meal in a very comfortable and engaging environment, J’s the place to go for that. Definitely make a reservation today, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

J’s located at:
7 Purvis Street,
Singapore 188586
Tel: 68874787


11 thoughts on “J’s at 7 Purvis Street

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks for visiting my favourite pastime. Kind regards!!!

  2. Darence says:

    Hi Salsachica,

    Just a little correction, J’s does not have a Malay pattisier. Instead, The desserts are planned and designed by the head chef who happens to be chinese, and executed by an indian chef. Hope that helps.

    • salsachica says:

      Oh my apologies Chef Darence, I was given the wrong impression and information. Thanks for clearing it up.

  3. Laura Crean says:

    Oh my goodness that looked delicious – my mouth was watering 😀

  4. BGB says:

    Wow………Wish Singapore was a little nearer!

  5. BigLizzy says:

    Thanks for following BigBodyBeautiful, Salsachica. Hoh-my-gosh, I am LOVING your blog. Makes me hungry and well, you know me, that’s not a problem! 🙂

    • salsachica says:

      No worries, sorry i took so long to reply to your comment, I haven’t been on WP for quite a while. Hopefully I’ll get off my lazy bum and start posting more regularly 😀

      • BigLizzy says:

        Salsachica! Not a problem, my friend. Glad you’re back. Now, what other trouble can I get into on here?! Ha! I love ya and I love your bloggy. 😀

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