NaPoWriMo Post #10 Oh dear Dr

So for today’s prompt, the challenge on NaPoWriMo , suggests that we are to compose an un-love poem. I was kinda perplexed on how to go about this. Love poems I understand, but un-love poems I could not comprehend for quite a few hours. (I blame it on the lack of caffeine and the lack of sleep) So I tried to be my lovely cynical self and took a long look back, of a journey that was a decade to be exact, into the past. Granted, I do admit I was blinded by amor.

Oh Dear Dr.

Oh dear Dr.
I thought that you were a great find
You would bend over backwards to help others
Others being, just womankind.

Oh dear Dr.
I believed that your intentions were sincere
You would embrace me tightly every single night
But sleep with any drunk older woman that appears

Oh dear Dr.
I admired your unclouded bounteous intellect
You would always spout great wisdom for anyone to hear
Unfortunately, I realized you’re just a pompous ass with no tact

Oh dear Dr.
I loved you like a fool
I asked you what you thought of love and marriage
You said it was for blithering tools!

Oh dear Dr.
You asked me to move in with you
I am glad I didn’t for what a state I would be in
When I found out that you’re actually so cruel.

Oh dear Dr.
Today I discovered something new
You’re engaged to be married
Congratulations, she looks like a shrew!

© Faridah Masniari 2013


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Post #10 Oh dear Dr

  1. Nancy Barth says:

    Congratulations on escaping that dear Dr!

  2. Mie Ululani says:

    dodged a bullet you deserve someone EXCELLENT somethig Dr. didn’t seem to measure up to…

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