Monday morning madness

It’s Monday y’alls! Today we were sending daddy and uncle to the airport, as usual we left home late. To make things worse there was an accident on the expressway towards the airport. Traffic was moving so slowly, my uncle was freaking out. We eventually reached the terminal exactly an hour before the flight, thank goodness there weren’t any bags to check in.

Once daddy & uncle check in, we went in search of brekky. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves have a pretty decent all day breakfast menu. There were new items today, Croque Madame Brioche And salmon eggs Benedict Brioche. The Croque Madame was kinda like a french toast with beef ham and white sauce. The eggs benedict was pretty good, although i wished the eggs were runny. Brioche was soft and fluffy, and the hollandaise sauce was flavorful. A double shot cappuccino with swirls of caramel is helping me to stay awake. Time to head to work!





5 thoughts on “Monday morning madness

  1. This is making me hungry…which is probaby ok as its dinner time in my part of the world so I shall be logging off to cook soon. 🙂

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