The year was 1992

Was going through boxes from my childhood. Found quite a few goodies, old books, an old minnie mouse soft toy, an old home economics textbook, bags and alot of books. And an old picture of me when I was 12. Pictures from this period were rare or even earlier were not many.

I think this was taken during a Children’s Day concert. My classmate Gaz and I sang Color Me Badd’s “All 4 Love”. I love CMB! I was like totally in love with Bryan Abrams and got a hug and a kiss on the cheek when I was 16 and skipped school just to go to the Mediacorp studios. ( So worth it! )


I was pretty much a tomboy in my youth, forever in ripped up Levis or shorts and skate tees. We were both supposed to be in jeans & tees, but the very night before the concert my mom was like “No! Please dress more femininely can’t you?” and she proceeded to take me out shopping for a skirt & a blouse from SOGO. And that is why you see me in a skirt in this picture. *Sigh* I had such nice legs once upon a time!



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