Soft Shelled Crab Bap

Soft shelled crab bap

The newest item on the Seoul Garden Hot Pot menu is the soft shelled crab bap. It’s a bibimbap , or a Korean mixed rice with seaweed, crab, roe, pickled radish and zucchini slices. It comes with a bowl of spicy kimchi soup and banchan. Banchan are Korean side dishes, like kimchi, pickled cabbages or kimchi zucchini. My favorite banchan is marinated cold clams. It’s spicy, it’s cold and delicious!

Marinated cold clams

Usually when one eats bibimbap, one mixes it with a dollop of gojuchang or spicy bean paste. I prefer to just have it without. The soft shelled crab is crispy and especially delicious when you mix it with the rice.

Seoul Garden Hot Pot is located at:

8 Grange Road
#B1-08 Cathay Cineleisure
Tel: 67326338


2 thoughts on “Soft Shelled Crab Bap

  1. Heresnews says:

    Ok..your blog is making me hungry…ok..where do YOU live…I am inviting myself for lunch and dinner..(not a big breakfast person).Thank you for liking my post and for being a follower..I have returned the kindness. Success 🙂

    • salsachica says:

      Hahaha I live in a little island ten degrees north of the equator called Singapore 🙂 you’ll want to eat all night too coz cafes and such are open at all
      Hours 🙂 much thanks!

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