A taste of Turkey in Selegie

For the past couple of weeks my uncle & dad have been wanting to go to this Turkish cafe along Selegie. Finally last week, we finally did. It was a curious sight, two signboards one on top of the other which says “Pasha Cafe & Sheesha Lounge” and the other sign board states “Cappadoccia Cafe & Restaurant”. So we solved the mystery when the lady boss clarified that they were “Cappadocia Cafe & Restaurant” that was formerly at the Robertson Quay!

So like the restaurant at Robertson Quay, they have alfresco dining. We started off with a mezze platter, dips were Yums but the bread was the star! The Shish Kebabs were quite nice, really liked the sauce and the rice. Mom had the Biftegi, and like what it sounds like it was a beef steak, the steak was perfectly prepared and the mashed potatoes were so full of cheese. I had the lamb roast, slivers of lamb with spicy brown sauce and roasted potatoes and tomatoes. Whilst my brother had this unique dish, a beef roll filled with mushrooms over a spicy tangy sauce with angel hair pasta. We also ordered a sucuk pide, a spicy sausage pizza with eggs. I have to say this was the best sucuk pide I’ve had in Singapore. This is a definite must try for all pide lovers!

As for drinks, everyone should try their mint juice, a concoction of mint & lime juice that’s so refreshing. And no Turkish meal is ever complete without desserts of baklava and super strong Turkish coffee. A Turkish dinner under the stars was perfect!

Pasha Cafe & Sheesha Lounge

Mezze Platter

Shish Kebab


Beef roulade

Lamb roast

Sucuk Pide


Turkish Coffee


Cappadocia Cafe Restaurant / Pasha Cafe & Sheesha Lounge is located at:
189 Selegie Road 01-07


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