Delicious not only in name but in taste too

Every night we ask ourselves the same question “What’s for dinner?” especially if we leave for work at 10.30 am instead of the usual 12.30pm, we’re too tired by the time we knock off work at night and after Isyak prayers at the mosque, by then all we want is food in our bellies immediately! Tonight, we decided that the nearest place from work to eat a proper meal would be at Delicious.

Delicious is a restaurant from Malaysia that serves Malaysian and western food. Their menu is pretty interesting and can be viewed at Delicious .Their Oxtail Rawon is to die for! A rich dark thick gravy when poured over white rice is sure to please you. And their soft shelled chilli crabs served with fried mantous to soak the spicy sweet goodness is damn yum!



What makes my family return again and again to this restaurant though is their Duck Confit spaghetti. Generous amounts of duck confit and sun dried tomatoes make this such a memorable dish. We also love their spicy crab linguine, definitely a must try! Delicious also serves a really good sirloin steak sandwich that comes with a serving of shoestring fries and salad. We enjoy our steaks medium. Due to a disappointment with a steak he had somewhere in the East a few days ago, (shall not mention where coz I was pretty annoyed by it as well) my brother ordered an Angus sirloin steak which he gave his firm nod of approval 🙂





The best drink in this restaurant is their Death by Iced Chocolate, one can never go wrong ordering that! And to round off the meal, we always have to order the coconut cake, it’s so delicious that mom must have it each time we dine there. It’s a pretty nice place to chill and dine if you’ve been on your feet shopping all day in Orchard Road. 😀



Delicious Cafe is located at:
#B1-16, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
Tel: +6566360903


8 thoughts on “Delicious not only in name but in taste too

  1. kharazy says:

    [sighs] I miss duck dinner. One of the many perks of being with someone Chinese. Must find new Chinese boyfriend to make my tummy happy! Love the foodporn! Thumbs way up.

    • salsachica says:

      Foodporn hahaha thanks! There’s more of my Foodporn on instagram 🙂 Duck is Yums! You don’t really need a Chinese boyfriend to eat duck 😀 a family that is as crazy about food as you is more than enough to spur one to find more ducky goodness!

  2. Gallivanta says:

    Makes me feel hungry.

  3. kayuk says:

    Wow! There are a lot of really foodie photos here! Too bad you can’t send the smells over the internet! LOL!

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