Slushies for a hot and humid day

After this morning’s heavy rains, the rest of the afternoon was hot and humid. I needed a cold and refreshing beverage to cool off, so I headed to the supermarket and bought a tub of dairy free lemon sorbet and 4 cans of Bitter Lemon. I think the best receptacle for this slushy would be an insulated bottle,to keep the drink cold longer. I love my Klean Kanteen insulated bottle, keeps everything hot or cold for the longest time. Think of it kinda like a root beer float. Fill about half the bottle with the sorbet, and pour the bitter lemon into it. Give it a stir, and chillax with your icy cold beverage! 😀 We also tried doing this with a dairy free mango sorbet with soda water, pretty yummy!





2 thoughts on “Slushies for a hot and humid day

  1. mmm!! Sorbet is basically a requirement in Singapore!

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