Midweek picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the places I associate with my childhood. My family used to spend lots of time at the gardens, feeding the iconic black swans, wandering around and learning the names of the trees/plants/flowers and of course picnicking! My friends and I have been planning on going for a picnic for a while. So today, when all the stars aligned ( well all our schedules freed up anyways), we each packed something “light” for an early morning picnic by the lake.

At first, the skies looked gloomy and dark when we woke up this morning. We waited till 8am to firm up our plans, the weather forecasted that it will be gloomy from 7 – 10 am. And there’ll be thunderous rains afterwards. We took our chances and each made our way to the gardens. Cher took the train, Joycey drove and I took a cab. Singapore Botanic Gardens MRT is right outside the Cluny Road entrance, so it’s pretty accessible by trains or buses.

There were a lot of people at the park in the morning, exercising, jogging, toddlers running after pigeons, black swans swimming elegantly in the lake and lovers on mats feeding each other…definitely a different morning view for the three of us. We spread our checkered pink and white mats under a shady tree with a pretty nice view by the lake.

Here’s what we brought:
– a yummy orange, chickpeas, chicken, baby spinach, almonds and dates salad by Cher
– shrimp & seafood gyoza by mommy
– cheese & crackers with dried figs
– orange chiffon cake by Joycey
– 3 thermoses of coffee

We chatted, lazed, and grazed! A very leisurely picnic! After an hour the skies started to darken, and then it poured! We quickly grabbed everything and ran to a gazebo to wait it out. We drank up the rest of the hot and sweet coffee in the pouring rain. We saw hummingbirds and squirrels playing outside on the trees in the rain. A definite refreshing change from our daily lives. We’re planning for the next picnic, perhaps one of the pristine beaches on Sentosa Island?












2 thoughts on “Midweek picnic at Singapore Botanic Gardens

  1. willowdot21 says:

    beautiful food and photos!

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