SOHO Coffee

This week I’ve been on the quest of looking for really good coffee. Near to were I work, is a little cafe on 36 Armenian Street called SOHO Coffee. I took a walk yesterday to look for this place. It took about five minutes to walk there. I had read about the raving reviews about their Caramelized Dolcecinno , and the reviews were right it was amazing. Once you tried it nothing else quite compares. What the barista did was interesting, sugar was brûléed on top of the foam in a take-away cup. So that when you sipped the coffee, you’ll end up with a nice crunch at the end. The coffee wasn’t overly sweet, it was just perfect , full bodied and rich. I ordered a caramel latte and a cafe latte for mom and bro, when they lifted up their lids, there was latte art in their cups, foam hearts, that made them pretty pleased. SOHO Coffee’s gonna be our go to place for coffee from now.




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