An afternoon walk for cakes

My friend Steph came over today and took me out for a birthday treat at Cafe Icon Nature to try their Hokkaido rolls. Do not let it’s looks deceive you, it’s not a normal Swiss roll, it’s way so much better. There were four flavors available just now, strawberry, blueberry, mocha and Belgium chocolate. We tried the chocolate and strawberry, it was divine! Like a pillow, the cake was so soft, the strawberry filling was not overly sweet or creamy, perfect balance. The chocolate was to die for and I ordered 5 to go for the family. Their Tiramisu contained no alcohol or coffee, what I found interesting was that they used their own almond cookies instead of ladyfingers in it. The mascarpone was so delightfully creamy that you wished the cup was bottomless. The owner recommended that we try their Australian Flat White, I love the coffee art that he did. It was a darn good cup of coffee. We tried the guava tea, such a lovely sweet aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.

Afterwards we walked along Neil Rd, stopping ever so often to take pictures of the Peranakan Heritage houses. These houses are beautiful, one could just stare at the intricate and colourful facades.

Our walk led us to Everton Park, where we came upon Grin Affair. Grin Affair specializes in desserts in a jar. We were able to try only the Honey Lavender and the Matcha Adzuki. I quite like the Honey Lavender with the bursts of fresh blueberry makes it fun to eat. Whilst the Matcha Adzuki was pretty good, green tea and red beans one can never go wrong. I’m dying to try their Strawberry and Banofee in a jar.












4 thoughts on “An afternoon walk for cakes

  1. Jessi says:

    I love the designs in the coffee. I need to learn to do that!

    • salsachica says:

      Hi Jessi 😀 latte art is pretty cool, there’s a place here in Singapore that does the latte art in 3D. Will post pictures once I check the place out 🙂

  2. pscottier says:

    What a lovely area, with the historic buildings…and cakes!

    • salsachica says:

      It’s quite a pretty area for a walk 🙂 and the cakes are pretty yummy definitely worth the long walk 🙂 thanks for stopping by 🙂

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