I am loved

This past month, I haven’t been writing much here. Sometimes the words that one wants to express just refuses to come out. Emotions was translated to tears, pints of Chunky Monkey, dozens of macarons and endless whatsapp messages to best mates that try their hardest to bring you back to an almost sane emotional state. Eating just salads and protein every night probably didnt help either. These past weeks have been difficult but having my friends “close” electronically have helped heaps.

Today, I turn another year older and I am overwhelmed by the love my friends and family have shown me. Mommy surprised me with mac & cheese with mushrooms for lunch and a strawberry shortcake. Mommy hasnt been well lately but she spent the morning cooking and preparing for tonight’s dinner. She made glutinous rice with coconut milk or basically pulut(Yums), Indonesian roast chicken thats basted in a coconut, candlenut and other spices sauce and roasted in the oven or simply known as Ayam Panggang, dried cuttlefish sambal with eggs and a huge bowl of salad. Quite a different spread from what I’ve been having for dinner everyday for the past month. I was really surprised and so touched by what mommy had made with love. My second birthday cake was from @pinknina who had customized a chocolate cake for me. I was really touched and so happy by this amazing birthday present. The cake was light, fluffy and damn chocolatey good with cold milk. But best of all we got to spend time with Nina after a very long time. Thanks for spending your time with us @pinknina on my birthday 🙂 My phone has been ringing non-stop and I appreciate all my mates that took the time to call or leave messages for me.

It’s the friends and family that make such a day like this utterly special. 🙂










2 thoughts on “I am loved

  1. ninabaydoun says:

    Happy Birthday.. 🙂

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