Desserts are like temporary stitches for a shattered heart

Desserts are like temporary stitches for a shattered heart. Well, it is to me anyways, but with every breath I take, the stitches keep snapping. Perhaps it’s not really a good permanent solution for a heart that’s battered and bruised, but for now I guess it’ll suffice as a temporary balm..

One of the places that i loved to go to is Antoinette at the Mandarin Gallery. My favorite drink here is the Royal Hot Chocolate, a thick hot chocolate, spicy with dashes of cinnamon, orange, star anise, cloves and vanilla. An aromatic treat for the senses! Antoinette serves one of the yummiest Crépes Sucrées or sweet crépes. You’ll never be disappointed by the Chocolicieux. The crèpes are served with a 66% dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate pieces, vanilla créme Chantilly and warm chocolate sauce. Chocolate overload! But in a oh so good way!

If that doesn’t satisfy your chocolate cravings, go for the Versailles cake a delightfully dark chocolate flourless sponge. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, reduces blood pressure, improves blood flow and prevents plaque formation in your arteries. All the more reasons to continue eating dark chocolate.

Oh and if you’re at Antoinette be sure to try their macarons. My four favorite flavors are Charlotte, Brittany, Antoinette and Grand Cru. The Charlotte is filled with vanilla cream and strawberry coulis whilst the Brittany oh how I loved thee, a Beauty thats filled with caramel and fleur de sel. I like anything with caramel and salt, I just think it’s genius! The Antoinette is a macaron that’s filled with a milk chocolate Earl grey tea ganache and raspberry jam. And of course the Grand Cru, a dark bitter chocolate is used as a filling. I’m a dark chocolate fiend!



4 thoughts on “Desserts are like temporary stitches for a shattered heart

  1. The crepes sound scrumilisious.

  2. Tien says:

    I am beginning to suspect that we have the same sort of heart that is “easily shattered” 😉

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