Kerupuk Kulit And Satay Padang

Crispy cubes of deep fried cow/ox skin and sticks of beef and beef tongue skewered on a stick, that’s what the title of the blog is talking about today. Kerupuk kulit is like the epitome of my childhood, I think that’s probably one of the few snacks that I actually enjoyed as a kid whilst back in my grandma’s village in Sipirok, Sumatra. Apparently all I wanted to eat was french fries and not brown rice. But kerupuk kulit, gosh I could just munch on those and be happy. Mom adds these crispy fried squares into her fermented black bean beef stew, or taucheo daging. And those crispy cubes become gelatinous chewy awesomeness. Uugh I want some now.

Another delicious dish from my childhood is Satay Padang, whenever we would drive up from Jakarta to Bandung or vice versa we would stop along the way and have this delicious skewered meat that has a thick spicy yellow meaty sauce. The ones that I find in Singapore is just made from slices of beef. I miss the ones from Kuala Lumpur near Kampong Bahru that has cubes of beef and beef tongue. And the sauce was just perfect, the meat tender and simply delicious. I wish I was back in KL!




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