What I really wanted was ramen what I actually bought was bento

The other night, we finished work really late. And most of the places that we want to go to has their last orders by 9.30pm. We could either go to Seoul Garden Hotpot at Cineleisure Orchard which closes at 2am on Saturdays, Siam Kitchen at City Square Mall which is pretty laid back with their last order timings or Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza which closes at about 1030. So we ended up at Ramen Ten this time. I actually wanted a steaming big bowl of oyakudon ramen. And then I looked to the left and the couple next to us were having bento, hmmm and I was easily swayed. 😀

I had a chicken bento, the chicken was really moist, and was cooked in an eggy sauce. And so perfect with the hot rice. A meal without Idako is never complete, so we ordered a set. Idako is marinated baby octopus, sweet and chewy. The bento set came with sides like potato salad, a cup of chawanmushi (which they were out of and was replaced with agadashi tofu) and miso soup. So what I really like about their miso is that it’s milky, well probably because they add milk to the miso. But it’s just really really good. I dispensed with the formalities and just slurped from the bowl. It was satisfying!



One thought on “What I really wanted was ramen what I actually bought was bento

  1. Selvinas says:

    Yummy! Too bad about the added milk though.

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