A dinosaur in Orchard Road

Well an edible one in fact, a Brontosaurus! A 1.5kg hunk of meaty goodness!


Between the 5 of us, we polished off the plate in 15 minutes. We had the mushroom soup whilst waiting for the Brontosaurus The soup was really creamy and earthy at the same. And the fruit salad and the waldorf salad was really fresh and crispy. The garlic bread that accompanied the meal was so good, just the right amount of garlic and butter and salt. Finally to end the meal, we had panna cotta, tiramisu and creme brûlée. I can’t imagine life without the sweetness of desserts!









6 thoughts on “A dinosaur in Orchard Road

  1. nani says:

    Hi, the steak is from Meatworks at Ion?
    Didn’t recall that they had halal cert but I know their meats are halal. Care to share more? Intend to dine there. Thanks.

    • salsachica says:

      Hi Nani, yes it’s from Meatworks. They do not have a halal certificate by muis. And yes their meats are halal, there’s no alcohol being used in the cooking or on the menu. I decided to eat at Meatworks after Berita Minggu did a lengthy feature on them a while back.

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