Señor Santos

Señor Santos serves up churascaria in the middle of Clarke Quay. You can either go for the buffet or go ala carte. As it was the first time we were trying out churascaria, or grilled meats the brazilian way, we went for the buffet.

There’s a method to being served here, if you want the chef to keep serving you, flip the card on your table that’s green and says “si” for more meaty goodness. If you had enough of the meats, you can flip that same card to the red side that says “no”.

They don’t just serve beef here, there’s chicken, chicken livers (yummiest ever), fish and grilled pineapples. The cuts of meat served here which I was most happy with was the veal. Ohemgee! So juicy and tender! There are other succulent choices that they serve here, the rump’s the best according to my mom.

Señor Santos is from the same group of companies that bring you Meatworks and Brawn Steakhouse. What I have noticed is that there’s always something special that you can’t find in the other restaurants. For Señor Santos it’s the veal, Brawn has the filet mignon and Meatworks hmmm the Brontosaurus and the yummiest lamb cutlets !

If you’re not a hardcore carnivore like me or my brother, the buffet includes a spread of all sorts of salads and sauces that enhances the flavor of the grilled meats. When we went there on a Wednesday night, there were two couples sitting inside and a group of six sitting outside. So it’s pretty quite cozy.

I wish there was other desserts other than the grilled pineapple, but all in all it was a pretty good first experience having churascaria. Maybe next time, I’ll just stick to ordering Ala carte and get a slab of veal mmmmmmmm






Señor Santos is located at:
177A River Valley Rd
Singapore 179024
+65 6336 7741


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