Friday Rituals

Every Friday, from 1pm till 2pm, mom and I will have our tea time together. Well we don’t really have tea, more like a grande caramel macchiato or a double shot caramel latte and’s either that or we go get books or DVDs. There’s a cafe nearby where we go to when it’s pouring cats and dogs and we’re feeling too blah to walk in the rain. TCC is what it’s called and last week we tried their dark devotion, a molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis, as well as a banana parfait. The banana parfait as the name implies had layers of stuff, lots of bananas, whipped cream, chocolate cake, crushed cookies and chocolate sauce, pretty nice IMHO. The molten chocolate cake was divine! Especially when you mix the ice cream with the oozing inner realms of the cake…delightful! The berry coulis cuts the cloyingness of the chocolate, not like that’s a bad thing. Chocolate is always good 🙂 I wonder where we’ll go this Good Friday, chocolate eggs and hot cross buns sound pretty good to me right now!




2 thoughts on “Friday Rituals

  1. Wow, those desserts look amazing.

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