Le Bistro Parisien

I’ve been wanting to go to this petite bistro for the longest of time. I have read rave reviews about their authentic halal French cuisine. Their decor of old school movie posters and portraits of Malay screen sirens of yesteryear with French as well as Cuban music in the background just seems to mesh perfectly well.

We basically had no plan where to dine tonight, in a Malay colloquial term that prescribes it fully we “terjun botol” or spur of the moment kinda thing. And I’m glad we did do that. Sans reservation, we managed to secure a table for just us 3. (I’d recommend anyone interested to make reservations instead) It was pretty crowded, (had to suck my tummy in to pass through the banister & chairs), but it sure was cozy. My seat overlooked the window, and I could see the goings on along Haji Lane.

The menu was impressive, but it did not have duck or Fois Gras or the bone marrow. Nonetheless I was pretty happy, there was escargot & veal! We ordered the Bourguignon d’escargots, poulet basquaise & entrecôte de boeuf,wagyu. The bourguignon d’escargots was a dish of escargots ala bourguignone that were baked on a creamy pea purée. Traditionally bourguignon is a stew that is cooked with red wine, usually with beef, garlic, shallots amongst other things, and most importantly butter. As this is a halal bistro, I’m guessing the chef replaced the wine with a vinegar, balsamic perhaps. The escargots were tender and delicious, and I couldn’t stop myself from mopping up the tangy tomato, carrots & creamed peas with the buttered warm bread roll.

Poulet Basquaise was served with a side of pasta that just slid down your throat. This chicken was cooked in a tomato, sweet bell pepper, celery and onions sauce. Creaminess of the pasta was a perfect match with the juiciness of the chicken.

Entrecôte de boeuf, wagyu, my brother’s favourite beef, was a tender 300gm of exquisite rib eye. The only way we eat steak is medium, we love it pink and soft. And this certainly did not disappoint!

The medaillon de veau aux chanterelles was stunning!!! Veal tenderloin is so soft it just melts in your mouth. And the chanterelle sauce, gosh the mushrooms were divine!

Food like these tantalizing dishes makes me certain that I can’t go back to being a vegetarian.

For dessert, it did not list out what was available in the menu. The waitress was so helpful and described what desserts were available tonight. We ordered the vanilla bean creme brûlée & the Opera. We were surprised and happy when the waitress served us with a complimentary slice chocolate gateau. Perhaps it was the Amer? Whatever it was the three different desserts worked together. The vanilla bean creme brûlée had a satisfying crack when we tapped on the brûlée. The custard was smooth and light. Opera was yummy, coffee and sponge and chocolate , perfect trinity. The Amer was dense, smooth and lusciously decadent chocolate dessert. A bite of each dessert, one after the other was complimentary with each taste. Listening to the Cuban songs like “chan chan” made me happy to hang out at this cute bistro. I’m sated, and sleepy and I can’t wait till the next time I’m at Le Bistro Parisien.










Le Bistro Parisien is located at:
10 Haji Lane, Tel: 63966383


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