Overcoming the bitter taste of sadness

From the young age of 13, when I started secondary school, I was introduced to the fine arts of pastry, eating them and not making them. I thank Delifrance to the afternoons doing homework with a cup of cappuccino and a flaky, buttery and rich chocolate croissant. Essential elements that combat the stresses of life, my comfort food.

Decades have past, and yet my love affair for pastries and desserts have never gone away, perhaps it’s because they are the only constant bites of sweetness I could ever manage. I guess my post today sounds rather depressing, perhaps because I am. But nothing that sweet silky spoonful of vanilla bean panna cota that Meatworks serves could help overcome. In minutes, a serving is gone. But the lingering taste remains on your tastebuds just like a memory of what something beautiful was. Another dessert I ordered was the tiramisu, a pick me up, that’s what it means in Italian. Just simple ingredients, mascarpone cheese, cocoa, coffee and cake. A melange of sweetness and bitterness balanced to bring a delicate sensation to you. Just like life is, it can be both bitter and sweet, although right now I just really need the sweetness to overwhelm the bitterness. The last dessert I tried was the chocolate trilogy, simply perfect, layers of mouse, cake and dark chocolate ganache served with raspberries. Sounds simple, but in it’s simplicity one tastes the complexity it took to assemble it. And like the complexities of life, things just turn out right sometimes and sometimes they do not, and so we should just have our cake and indulge in that temporary bites of sweetness that comes to us.





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