Once upon a cold rainy night…ramen came to the rescue

Yesterday, the thunderstorms started early. We were supposed to have salads again for dinner (sad attempt to reduce the amount of rice I consume, but in the first place I eat very little ) but I digress. Anyways like any other night after work and after prayers at the mosque, there’s always an argument of what to eat, where to eat etc.. Since it was so cold yesterday, ramen seemed like the perfect way to warm ourselves up. So we headed to Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza.

I really wanted to try the black pepper duck ramen, but they ran out of it. So we ordered oyster ramen, seafood ramen and beef teriyaki ramen, with side dishes of chawanmushi, deep fried scallops, calamari and agadeshi tofu.

The highlight to any Japanese meal to me has to be chawanmushi. And Ramen Ten, made it so well, so light and flavorful with every scoop. They ran out of the chawanmushi too so we only managed to get two cups of it. The oyster ramen was to die for! The oyster fritters was crispy, and just melts in your mouth with each bite. I think the best way to eat it to soak it in the broth. The broth in itself was so tasty, oishi, I just couldn’t stop myself from finishing the whole bowl. The noodles oh I could just wax lyrical over it, had such a bite and was so springy. The seafood ramen, had so much seafood, you could taste the freshness of the prawns. The teriyaki beef was delish as usual!

One thing that I really wish they’d have are the kind of soft yolked hard boiled eggs that one would get in Japan. I love eggs, and whenever I see those soft egg yolks in pictures i’d just gush but anyways. Yeah would really love if they have those ramen eggs. Mmmmmm we ordered some sushi too, but I was too slow to snap some pictures before it was eaten up. But my favorite sushi has to be their soft shell crab ones oooh so crispy, and spicy all at the same time. Argh now I’m craving for another bowl of oyster ramen!!





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