I was once a vegetarian, but with restaurants like Meatworks no one would want to be one. I realize that I’ll always be a carnivore. I love my meats so much so that practically almost every establishment that served steaks in Singapore, I have tried.

Meatworks is an establishment that serves the best cuts of meat that you’d want. Located in the heart of the bustling shopping district of Orchard Road at Ion, it’s easily accessible by train, bus or cab (there’s even a valet service).

I’ve tried their Wagyu Sirloin and Wagyu D Rump, but what I can wax lyrical about is their Angus Tenderloin. I love my meat pink, so I always order them medium. Every slice just melts in your mouth.

You are spoiled with a wide choice of cuts of meat, just wished that they had filet mignon though, had the best mignon at Open Sesame Long Beach. Anyways back to Meatworks, your steaks are accompanied by choices of sides like vegetables, fries or Yukon mash. Their Yukon mash is my side of choice, is so creamy & delish. A variety of sauces are available to accompany you meats, there’s chimichurri, Herbed butter, black pepper etc. Oh and on the menu there’s the Brontosaurus steak, a 1.5kg steak that takes an hour to prepare. I’m still looking for takers to finish one with me.

Another item in the menu that I must order is the Foie Gras with longan. The fattiness of the foie is cut by the freshness of the longans and the lightly dressed greens. We tried another starter last night, Oven Baked Asparagus with béarnaise sauce and mushrooms. Yum!

Their drinks menu is impressive. There are italian sodas with flavours like blood orange, all sorts of mocktails and smoothies and teas. No meal is complete without desserts, I recommend their Affogato, Tiramisu, Panna Cota and Creme Brûlée simply DIVINE!

Definitely a must go restaurant if you adore meat!

Meatworks is located at:

2 Orchard Turn, #04-12 ION Orchard, Singapore.









2 thoughts on “Meatworks

  1. syazana says:

    meatworks is halal? i thought people said there’s no halal-cert?

    • salsachica says:

      I’m not sure if they have a certificate, but I think I read in Berita Minggu a while back that all their meat produce was halal certified.

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