Kublai Khan Mongolian Barbecue

Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ has been around for a long while. Recently, it received it’s halal certificate and as usual we must try anything that’s new in the halal market. You are greeted first by a massive horse statue, and the restaurant resembled the furnishings of a yurt which is pretty cool! There’s an international buffet that’s available, with the chilli crab and fried mantou a must try. The highlight of the meal was choosing your meats, a choice of mutton, chicken or beef, and your vegetables and the variety of sauces to go along with it. Then the chef throws the contents of the meat onto a metal disk(me thinks it looks like the shields mongolian warriors carried around with them during battles), and uses long chopsticks to toss and and dance around the cooking disk. Makes for an entertaining time when he turns 360 degrees and throws the cooked meat in the air and catches it with the bowl, pretty awesome I’d say. Authentic stuff, pretty similar to the seafood mongolian BBQ I had in Perth with the resident advisors. Definitely a must try if you love BBQ!






Kublai Khan is located at:
Penang Road, #04-01 Park Mall, Singapore


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