The first time I tried this delightful almond creation was when mom and I came upon it at Canele. At The Bread Project today, there was a full tray of bostock resting on the shelf. We bought five pieces, for the five of us.

Alright this is what I have to say about The Bread Project’s bostock, it’s out of this world, instead of just a sliced of brioche or challah topped with almond cream and almonds, this was a sandwich! A not so sweet almond cream mixture, mmm frangipane, slathered between two slices of brioche, topped with a generous amount of the almond cream, a nice handful of almonds, baked in the oven till perfection and then dusted with icing sugar.

As you bite into the bostock, there’s that nice crunch that you’d hear similar to when you bite into a meringue or a macaroon. The almond cream topping was baked till it was golden crisp! The edges of the brioche sandwich were crispy too, and as you take another bite, you get to the soft almost tender almond cream filling. Hmmm there’s four more bostock left in the paper bag mmmmmm


The Bread Project is located at :

174 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 64409228

Open: Mon to Sat, 10 am till 5 pm


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