The Bread Project

The Bread Project

Whilst perusing through a copy of 8 Day’s yesterday, we came upon a gem of a find. There’s a bakery located in Joo Chiat that specialises in artisan breads. There are no pictures of the breads accompanying this post coz we chomped down on the freshly baked baguettes we bought in the car on the way to work. The baguettes had such a nice crust, unlike the ones we usually can get. And the bread was so dense and chewy, a pleasure to eat on it’s own. But! I can just imagine slathering butter, and Hediard’s or even Bonne Maman’s Strawberry Jam or even camembert or Brie mmmmmmm

The brioche loaf was so light and has a touch of sweetness! We were advised that if we couldn’t finish the brioche, we could make French toast out of them. Just what mummy would make with all the brioche ( we love our breads in this family ) . I was kinda bummed that there weren’t any bostock or croissants left. Maybe next time? 😉

Pastries in the glass counter

There were quite a few pastries in the counter that looked rather delicious. Another trip is probably in order!

The Bread Project is located at :

174 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 64409228

Open: Mon to Sat, 10 am till 5 pm


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