Sate Padang

My all time favourite comfort food, the satay padang, is finally available in Singapore. I have travelled to Malaysia and Indonesia just to eat this very dish. Compared to other types of satay which are readily available in Singapore, the satay Padang is uniquely different.

Firstly the sauce is a nice robust, savoury and spicy yellow sauce that’s thick instead of the chunky peanut sauce one gets to accompany a serving of satay. Secondly, the meat is usually boiled first and then the broth is used to make the sauce, so it’s full of meaty goodness, and then the meat is sliced thinly and threaded through with sticks and barbecued. Yum! Ketupat, which are rice cakes are cut into cubes, and then the sticks of satay Padang are placed on the mound, followed by a generous amount of that special sauce, and a flourish of deep fried shallots!

So today, after Isyak prayers at Sultan Mosque, my brother and dad noticed that there was a new restaurant, and then saw that it’s name was “Sate Padang”! So exciting!!! We immediately ordered 5 sets to takeaway to eat at home for dinner. It was supremely delicious! I haven’t had this dish for 6 years, and to have it finally is such a pleasure 🙂 The meat was so tender, the sauce perfectly savoury and not so spicy, the cubes of rice cake soft and yummy. Definitely a must try for anyone who loves satay!

Sate Padang is located at:

28 Kandahar Street



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