Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Seoul Garden Hot Pot is the new name of Fresh Bulgogi, the Korean BBQ place I raved about many posts ago that was located at Terminal 2. It now has moved and taken over the space that RamenTen used to occupy at Harbourfront, right beside Pastamania.

Menu has somewhat changed, no longer do you have a shared hotpot, instead there’s individual servings. I have to say, I much enjoy this way of eating. I’ve tried the miso seafood and miso sliced beef hot pot and they’re just so good. The amount of seafood and sliced beef is a lot per person. The raw sliced beef cooks gently in the hot broth, making the miso soup even more delicious.

One gripe I have to say they no longer serve smoked duck at the restaurant. I found a new favourite side dish, marinated cold clams! OMG just perfect accompaniment to the bowl of hot rice. And if you top up $3 to the meal, you get 3 side dishes and a bowl of dessert. Their side dishes are just flavourful, there’s kimchi potatoes, beancurd, cabbage etc. A must try has to be their seafood pancake, deep fried mandu and their fried seafood tanghoon. And to make this whole meal perfect, order the hot cinnamon tea seriously warms you up.

They have other dishes on the menu like bibimbap and hot pots with kimchi base, but miso has become my personal favourite.

Seoul Garden Hotpot is located at:

1 Maritime Square #02-03/04
HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253

Tel: 6275 6338
Fax: 6275 6228






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