Brekky should be available all hours of the day

I can wax lyrical about the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Places like Swensens & The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf serve all day breakfasts. Swensen’s breakfast set is huge, you can choose eggs however you want it, choice of herbed or cheese sausages, apple or orange juice, coffee or tea,thickly sliced toast and hash browns. I love to pour syrup on all the savoury bits, yum. I especially love to order this for dinner.The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf serve a wide array of breakfast munchies all day, my favourites have got to be their salmon scramble, club sandwich & eggs benedict. I ❤ hollandaise sauce! The best place to find these brekky munchies would be at Terminal 2 as they'll be open 24/7. Best place to have a quiet leisurely brekky on a Saturday morning, would be Vivocity's Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Another brekky favourite is KFC's American twister. It's sort of like a breakfast burrito, with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese & hashbrown rolled into a soft warm tortilla. Breakfast menu is offered till 11am only.

My last trip to KL my friend Chris took me to The Loaf, where we had the freshest baked breads and the yummiest pineapple lavender jam. At about 2am in the morning, my friend Sharan's cousins took us out for Nasi Lemak bungkus which I've never tried before. A typical Malay rice dish usually eaten in the mornings or at all times of the day as and when you like it. It's just coconut milk infused rice that's been steamed with pandanus leaves and served with a sweet sambal tumis & half a hard boiled egg wrapped in banana leaf. That was the best nasi lemak ever!

Irregardless what time of the day it is, brekky would always be perfect to be enjoyed. Eat what you love, when you like it. Don't be confined to eating brekky in the mornings, it's perfect all day.


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