Lemang & Serunding

My dad knows how much I love eating glutinous rice, I love ’em in ketupats (rice cakes wrapped in a coconut leaf shell), with mangoes & coconut cream or with fried chicken as in southern Thailand & northern Malaysia. So when dad saw that The Lemang House still had some lemang, he bought a couple for me with some fish serunding. Lemangs are traditionally made by filling bamboo segments that has been lined with a banana leaf & filled with glutinous rice & coconut milk and baked in an open flame. To eat, one takes a machete & crack the bamboo open. Nowadays, lemangs are made in aluminium cylinders & are steamed. I guess the difference in taste would be the missing smokiness that’s found in a traditionally made lemang. As accompaniment, it is served with serunding ikan, a spicy (lemongrass, blue ginger, fennel, corriander & dried chilli) desiccated coconut & fish mixture that’s been sauteed for a very long time till the white dessicated coconut turns a gorgeous shade of golden. I like making big woks of beef serunding for Eid, i usually spend 4 hours stirring the mixture till its dry. Serunding cab last for a pretty long time and is delicious with lontong, ketupats & white rice.


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