Curry Bao

Does anyone remember the baos of yesteryear? Big, fluffy white mounds of steamed buns with chockfull of ingredients like meat curry, sambal tumis ikan billis etc? I guess I’m on a quest for baos with old school fillings. The common halal ones you can find everywhere would be lotus paste, red bean, chicken char siew, chicken big bao or black pepper chicken baos. Don’t get me wrong,these are yummeh but the meat curry or ikan billis ones of our childhood were damn good. Nobody seems to be making them now in Singapore. Recently, my mom discovered that the Banquet at Raffles Hospital sells Potato Curry Baos! Gosh, these were so good! Had the right amounts of spices and the bun itself was so soft and fluffaye! I like! My quest still continues for the perfect bao, meat curry bao & sambal tumis ikan billis bao. Where forth art thou?


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