Western Chow

Tonight we were planning on having dinner at Badoque, unfortunately despite waiting for 30 minutes and roaming around Shop n Save picking up all sorts of frozen dim sum, there still were no available seats. So we headed towards Tang Tea House where luscious halal xiao long baos lie. When we suddenly got sidetracked by Western Chow. I recall reading about them in Berita Minggu. And so we gave it a go, being the fact that Tang Tea House was crowded to the max and Western Chow appeared to be much cozier. On it’s menu, you can pick a main and it comes with 2 sides. You can choose mashed potatoes, French beans, coleslaw, fries or rice. Anything with butter should be good right, so I picked mashed potatoes & the french beans to accompany my huge lamb rack mega. It was love at first sight, and adoration at first bite. Grilled to perfection, I love my meat medium, I dip a small morsel into the mint yoghurt dip. Goodness the explosion of flavours in the mouth is mouthwatering. Even without the accompanying sauces, the meat was tender and juicy and was simply delicious. My brother ordered the black pepper NZ Rib Eye with sides of mashed potato and coleslaw. The meat was expertly grilled and was so juicy. Mom ordered the Assam Grilled Fish with rice and French beans, the sauce had a kick. After we were done with our dinner, we looked up & saw a signboard saying that their black pepper chicken chop was amazing, of course we had to try. The chicken was marinated well, you can taste the spices, hmm kinda like a BBQ chipotle rub and had the smokiness of an ayam percik. Whatever the spices was, it was a wonderfully done chicken chop, I’ll definitely come back to try the rest of the menu offerings.

Western Chow is located at:
351 Bedok Rd


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