Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

On this sweltering hot Saturday afternoon after hours of French lace shopping along Arab Street, my buddy Brownie & I decided to take a break. We went to Fika, a halal Swedish cafe that served authentic fare complete with lingonberry. We tried the Swedish Panbiff and the Roast Beef Savoury Crepe. The panbiff was a platter that consisted of two beef patties, the most buttery & cheesiest mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam & salad. And oh not to forget the gravy! The best way to eat it was to have a bit of everything on the fork. The savoury crepe was delightful a burst of flavours with every bite, it too came with a side if salad. We also tried their Pear Cider, refreshing and non-alcoholic. There were lots of cakes on display but we were just too full to continue on to dessert. Maybe next time 🙂 Best of all, they serve my favourite tea, Gryphon Tea! So if you feel like trying out some Swedish food, give Fika a visit!

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro is located at:

No.257 Beach Road / Arab Street

Tel: 63969096


2 thoughts on “Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

  1. oh! The Salmon Salad is yummy too! Try that out next time! 🙂

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